About 2-In-1

Diabetics depend greatly upon blood glucose and heart conditions and must be more aware of hypertension. Statistically most diabetics suffer from hypertension and therefore run a higher risk of blocked blood vessels, which can dramatically increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes or kidney diseases. Furthermore, hypertension accelerates the progression of diabetic complications, including diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, and the neuropathy.

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Controlling blood gluocse levels and blood pressure is vital in keeping a healthy balance

Swiss technology leader, FORA, developed the D series monitors specifically for this reason. The D series monitors are 2-in-1 devices that assist in keeping glucose and blood pressure in check. Extremely accurate and user-friendly, this revolutionary device assists patients in staying in their safe zone for years of healthy lifestyles. We have included all of the most sophisticated functionalities available on the market today in order to guarantee you are getting the highest quality and dependable device available.

A Healthy Balance Between Two Functions

We at FORA believe in promoting better lifestyles and suggest several ways to address hypertension and diabetes. A well-balanced diet, prescribed medication, exercise, and correct monitoring using the D series are part of a correct and healthy balance.

2-In-1 Testing
One smart meter that monitors 2 crucial values: blood pressure and glucose levels.

Seamless PC Connection
Download results to our PC software for better tracking and analysis. Keep a log of glucose and blood pressure results and show them to your health specialist.

Memory Up to 864 Tests Including Date and Time
Calculates your 7/14/21/28/60/90 days average blood pressure and blood glucose both before and after meals so you can track results up to long periods of time.
Smart Auto Cycling
helps to auto-measure and upload a patient’s data every 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes for a period of 5 hours. Health care professionals will like having a continuous record of patent results.
Auto Data Transmission Fix
automatically checks whether your data has been successfully uploaded. If it detects an error, it will resend the data in 2 minutes. Your customers will no longer need to worry about whether their results made it to their healthcare professional.

Alternative Site Testing
Reduce pain by testing from palms, forearms, upper arm, calve and thigh for proven, accurate results.

Clear, Wide Screen View
Comfortable result reading for people of all ages and eyesight quality. Blood pressure and glucose results are displayed in separate windows for ease of use.

Friendly Voice Assistance
Our unique audio guide talks you through all the testing stages and results.

IRB Function
Automatically detects heart arrhythmias during each blood pressure measurement, an effective way to alert heart disease and begin prevention treatment.

Smart Average
Authority approved method that measures blood pressure 3 times consecutively and calculates an average level. The result is highly accurate readings that doctors can trust.

Tiny Blood Sample
Only a discreet 0.5ul is needed for testing.

Worry-free Strip Mechanism
A reliable digital indicator confirms that the testing strip is securely inserted and injection takes just a single click.