Live a Healthy Life
We all want to live better, healthier lives. The secret is to create and maintain a healthy balance. Read more
Smarter, Faster, Easier
The FORA D series presents a new and improved line of products, with advanced technologies in the blood pressure and diabetes fields, combined into one, smart, easy-friendly device. Read more
Track Your Results and Consult with Your Doctor
Track your results and history and send them out to your physician with ease. Read More about FORA TeleHealth
Voice Assistance
Personal guidance throughout the process, insuring your test is taken correctly. In addition, results are ready out loud for maximum efficiency Read more

ABOUT 2-in-1

FORA, a leader in Swiss technology, developed the D monitors with the intent of creating a 2-in-1 device that can help keep blood pressure and blood glucose in balance. The D monitors bring accuracy you can count on and are extremely user-friendly ! read more


FORA encompasses the most sophisticated & updated functionalities available on the market today in order to guarantee you are getting the highest quality and most dependable device available today check it out!


Continua: FORA D40, Certified device providing both blood glucose and blood pressure measurements, which is the premier meter for users who want all the functionality of two meters in one. The dual-meter includes Bluetooth connectivity, irregular heartbeat detection. read more

The FORA D Series

The FORA D series is the first to present a smart combination of two tests: Blood pressure and blood glucose in one product. The D series offers the most advanced technology available today in each of the following fields:
BPM: IRB technology, AVG function, Auscultatory mode, and many more...
BGM: Voice guidance, Strip ejection, Pre & Post meal recording, and many more... read more


  • 2 In 1
  • AST
  • AVG
  • Large Display
  • Tiny Sample
  • Voice Assistance
  • IRB
  • 864 Memories
  • TeleHealth