Mobile Health

Self Management Mobile Solutions  Caregivers
  • Instant data upload wherever and whenever
  • Easy glucose testing
  • Smart, portable, capable
  • Fits into your active lifestyle
  • Immediate updates of progress
  • The perfect platform to share with your loved ones
  • Realtime results for caregiver
  • Patient health record management
  • Extent care beyond regular visits through remote monitoring

FORA TeleHealth Solution

Experience Complete Mobility – mobile health at your finger tips and on-command test precision in the palm of your hand!

Your complete mobility solution - that is the goal of ForaCare’s mobile health offerings. Diabetes-related health management should not slow you down. Connectivity, trend tracking, clear results on-the-go and social media sharing should be a part of your daily life, including your glucose testing and analysis.

The Components: FORA Diamond Mini with Bluetooth and USB + the Diamond CUFF BP blood pressure monitor + Bluetooth-enabled Weight Scale + iFORA app = the FORA Complete Mobility Solution!

FORA’s TeleHealth system combines home monitoring devices, a data interface and TeleHealth Software to bridge the gap between doctors, caregivers and patients for diabetes self-care management. Complete mobility offers a way to track, transmit, access and analyze data.

Patients: No logbooks! Readings are automatically recorded and graphically displayed offering a higher level of insight into how daily activities affect blood glucose levels.

Healthcare Providers: Patient records are instantly transmitted for remote monitoring. Receive real-time data allows for a dynamic, effective and adjustable plan of action to care for patients. Overcome geographic barriers and eliminate the need for unnecessary in-house appointments!

Caregivers: Have confidence in your ability to clearly read results and track your loved one’s progress in consent with the patient’s doctor. Rest assured that you are not alone and you can instantly transmit necessary data if you have a concern.

Community: This software can be used in a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, clinics, care centers or insurance organizations and it enables patients to share in a social network of support, collaboration and celebration.