Checking Blood Sugar Levels

How large should the sample size be when checking blood sugar levels?

A small dosage of 0.5 micro liters would be sufficient.

How long does the system take to check blood sugar levels?

Less than 5 seconds!

Can the Diamond glucose meters be used to perform tests on alternative sites?

Yes, you can also take blood samples from the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf. *Always check with your doctor before performing alternative site tests.

When to use AST?

Food, medication, illness, stress and exercise can affect blood glucose levels. Capillary blood in the fingertips reflects these changes faster than capillary blood from other sites. Thus, when testing blood glucose levels during or immediately after a meal, physical exercise or any other situation, take a blood sample from your finger only.

We strongly recommend that you perform AST ONLY during the following times:

.Pre-meal or fasting state (more than 2 hours after the last meal).
.Two hours or more after taking insulin.
.Two hours or more after exercise.

Do NOT perform AST if:
.You think your blood glucose is low.
.You are unaware of hypoglycemia
.You are testing for hyperglycemia
.Your AST results do not match the way you feel.
.Your routine glucose results often fluctuate.

Does it provide Ketone warning?

Yes, when the reading is ≥ 240 mg/dL (13.3 mmol/L) a Ketone warning sign will appear on the glucose meter.

Test Strips and Coding

Does it need coding?

No, users are not required to code the meter. This is a step you can now avoid as the meter will automatically detect the test strip used.

Do all the glucose meters in the Diamond Series use the same test strips?

Yes, under the Diamond series all glucose meters share the same test strips, this is for the user’s convenience.

Meter Care and Battery

What is the memory capacity? And how can it be retrieved?

The meter stores the 450 most recent blood glucose test results along with respective dates and times in its memory. The meter memory is activated when the meter switched off.

Reviewing Test Results

Push "Main button".

will appear on the display. Push Main button again, and the first reading you see is the last blood glucose result along with the date, time and the measurement mode.


Push "Main button" to recall the test results stored in the meter each time you press. After the last test result, push “Main button” again and the meter will turn off.

Voice Guide: Your blood glucose is in (number) milligrams per deciliter.
Reviewing Blood Glucose Day Average Results

1. Push and hold "Main button"
When appears on the display, keep holding "Main button" for 3 seconds until the flashing appears. Release Main button and then your 7-day average result measured in a general mode will appear on the display.

2. Push "Main button" to review 14-, 21-, 28-, 60- and 90- day average results stored in each measuring mode in the order of Gen, AC, and then PC.

Exit the meter memory.
Keep pushing "Main button" and the meter will turn off after displaying the last test result.

NOTE: .Any time you wish to exit the memory, keep pressing Main button for 5 seconds or leave it alone for 3 minutes. The meter will switch off automatically.
.Control solution results are NOT included in the day average.
.If using the meter for the first time, “---“displays when the test results are recalled or the average result reviewed. This indicates that there is no test result in the memory.

Is the time and date or memory lost when the battery is removed?

Replacing the batteries does not affect the test results stored in the memory.

How many reminder alarms are built in the Diamond series meters?

There are 4 reminder alarms.

What kind of battery does it use?

The meter takes two 1.5V AAA alkaline battery which can be found in many stores.

Special Features

How to turn the test reminder on/off?

If you want to turn off an alarm, find the alarm number by pushing Set in the setting mode, push “Main button” to change from “ON’ to “OFF”.

When the alarm goes off, the meter beeps and automatically turns on. You can push “Main button” to silence the alarm and insert a test strip to begin testing. If you do not push “Main button”, the meter will beep for 2 minutes and then switch off. If you do not wish to do the test at this time, push “ Main button” to switch off the meter.

How to adjust the volume level

There are seven (7) speaking volume options to choose from. Push "Main button" until the desired speaking volume appears. To confirm your selection, push Set.

Volume 0 indicates that the speaking function is turned off, and “ ” will not be displayed during testing. Volume 1 to 7 indicates speaking volume from low to high, and “ ” will be displayed throughout the testing.

Can I download the results on the data management system? How?

You can use the meter with an USB cable and the Health Care Software to view test results on your personal computer. To learn more about the Health Care Software System or to obtain an USB cable separately, please contact your local customer service or the place of purchase for assistance.

Connecting to a personal computer

Connect the cable to a USB port on your computer. With the meter switched off, connect the other end of the USB cable to the meter data port. "USb" will appear on the meter display, indicating that the meter is in communication mode.

Data transmission

To transmit data, follow the instructions provided with the software. Results will be transmitted with the date and time. Remove the cable and the meter will automatically switch off.

WARNING: The meter will not be able to perform a blood glucose test while it is connected to the PC.

General Questions

Where can I get replacement lancets and test strips?

Replacement lancets and test strips are distributed through major distributors to your nearest stores and pharmacies, Please contact your local customer service or the place of purchase for assistance.