Why would I use Comfort Pro for near-patient testing?

Comfort Pro is clinically proven to deliver the most accurate results when measuring and monitoring your blood glucose levels. Furthermore, the safety for the user is maximized with the strip ejection. Any risks of exposure to contagions are minimized.

With the IMF molding technology, ComfortPro is easy to clean and maintain.

Why should I trust Comfort Pro?

ComfortPro is clinically validated*. Superior accuracy is achieved through utilizing the advanced GDH-FAD strip technology with
hematocrit interference correction. There is no interference from varying hematocrit and different sample types.
It can be used on all types of patients, including those who may have non-glucose sugars in their blood samples.

* Clinically validated at IDT (Institute for Diabetes Technology GmbH), Germany, August 2010

When do I use Comfort Pro?

It is the perfect blood glucose monitoring system for primary care, neonatal care, child nursery, elderly care, healthcare centers, or whenever an immediate blood glucose test result is needed.

How does ComfortPro help with patient management?

Glucose readings can be wirelessly transferred to the TeleHealth data management system whenever needed, allowing real-time remote data updates and therefore better communication with patients.

What should I expect from Comfort Pro?

Superior accuracy, easy to carry in your pocket, easy to operate, easy to clean, and maximized user protection and safety.