Clinical Applications

Intended Use

Fora Comfort Pro offers a true near-patient testing system dedicated for professionals to help control diabetes more effectively and safely. A wide Hematocrit range is developed for testing capillary, venous, arterial, and neonatal blood samples. With its compact size, Comfort Pro can be flexibly handled in hospitals, primary care, clinics, and emergency rooms.

Primary Care

Screening of diabetes mellitus is usually performed annually as part of a physical examination. Designed for near-patient testing, Comfort Pro is the ideal system for blood-glucose measurement in the doctor’s office. With immediate test results, patients will have a better understanding of their diabetes management and staff efficiency can be increased by minimizing patient callbacks. Immediate finger-prick testing also eliminates errors caused by glycolysis of venous samples.

Primary Care

FORA Comfort Pro is the ideal measuring tool for diabetes professionals to:

•Test oral glucose tolerance

•Perform clamp studies

Neonatal care

Routine screening and monitoring of blood glucose is recommended for infants with high risk factors or who have clinical manifestations of neonatal hypoglycemia. Treatment of suspected neonatal hypoglycemia should not be postponed while waiting for laboratory confirmation. Comfort Pro gives you the most reliable and accurate results from the initial screening and monitoring.

Acute Care

Every second counts in an emergency situation. Fast and accurate glucose testing is very crucial. Having the goal to deliver the best acute care, Comfort Pro is proven to be not affected by extreme hematocrit, pO2 and various drugs that are commonly used in acute care.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gestational diabetes affects around 2 to 7 out of 100 pregnant women. It can lead to serious problems for the mother and baby if it is not properly controlled and treated. Comfort Pro provides an accurate and easy-to-use platform for screening gestational diabetes. Immediate test results help pregnant women to understand the urgency of making immediate changes in lifestyle to protect themselves and their infants.